Podium Presentations

JSSR, April 18-20, 2019 in Yokohama, Japan: Oral presentation

Multi-Center Trial Revealing the Presence of Bacterial Contamination on Pedicle Screws during Spinal Fusion and Prevention Method

GSC, 15-18 May, 2019 in Toronto, Canada: Oral presentation

Evidence Of Bacterial Biofilm Initiation At The Screw-Bone Interface And The Method Of Avoiding Such

ISSLS, June 3-7, 2019 in Kyoto, Japan: Oral presentation

Avoiding Infection and Screw Loosening due to Biofilm at Bone-Screw Interface: Periop Measures

ISASS, April 3-5, 2019 in Anaheim, California: Poster

Reducing Risks of Deep Bone Infection during Instrumented Spinal Fusion

ICORS, June 19-22, 2019 in Montréal, Québec, Canada: Poster

Intraoperative Guard to Avoid Biofilm and Infection at Pedicle Screw & Bone Interface